Trademark Applications and Registation in Hong Kong

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Trademark Applications and Registrations in Hong Kong   Amendment of Trademark applications Soon after submitting an application for trademark registration, the representation of the trademark and its particular information are entered into the official database and can be searched online. It is crucial for the applicant to accurately list out what are applying for in…

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How will changes to the Trademark Act affect you?

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The new changes to the Trademark Act will allow some useful new options for businesses to protect their brands as well as enforce their intellectual property rights. The changes which businesses should be aware of include: Increased power against counterfeiters Previous to the changes, if a counterfeit product was imported into the EU, the onus…

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[HK] Invalidation of Trademark Registration in Bad Faith

Justice Scales | Invalidation of Trademark Registration

Trademark squatting has been phenomenal in many countries and regions and Hong Kong is no exception. Fortunately, there are provisions in the Trademark Laws in Hong Kong which stipulate the situations at which a declaration of invalidity can be sought to cancel a trademark registration made in bad faith. In particular, section 11(5)(b) of the…

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[HK] Opposition to Hong Kong Trademark Application

A gavel | Opposition to Hong Kong Trademark Application

Oppositions should be filed within 3 months beginning from the date of publication of the trademark application in the Hong Kong Trademark Official Journal (if an application is published on 1 March, the deadline to oppose will fall on 31 May). The deadline is extendable once only for 2 months subject to the discretion of…

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[HK] Defects in Evidence for Hong Kong Trademark Cases

A Desk tidy | Defects in Evidence for Hong Kong Trademark Cases

In all the proceedings before the Hong Kong Trademarks Registry, “evidence” is how the Registrar is to consider any fact, either alleged in any statement of the case or counter-statement or of factual distinctiveness of a trademark, upon which he has to adjudicate. From time to time, there are cases that parties in the relevant…

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[HK] Update of the Madrid System in Hong Kong

Business Meeting | Update of the Madrid System in Hong Kong

The Madrid International Trademark Registration System (hereafter “the Madrid System”) will apply to Hong Kong as early as in 2019. This article is to provide a brief introduction of the Madrid System and the update of the same. Introduction: The Madrid System is a major international system that promotes the registration of trademarks throughout the…

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