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How will changes to the Trademark Act affect you?

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  The new changes to the Trademark Act will allow some useful new options for businesses to protect their bands as well as enforce their intellectual property rights. The changes which businesses should be aware of include: Increased power against counterfeiters Previous to the changes, if a counterfeit product was imported into the EU, the…

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[KR] How to prevent similar trademark registration in Korea

Apply for trademark Korea

How to prevent similar trademark registration in Korea There are two ways to prevent similar trademark registration: opposition and providing information. The opposition can be raised when the application is published after KIPO examiner has reviewed the application. You can provide the information during the examination. You can also file the invalidation in order to…

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How to trademark Korea

There are many reasons for rejection of application, but the most two common reasons as follows: 1) when the trademark is not distinctive 2) when the trademark is distinctive, but cited mark is found before the application. When the application is rejected because of the first reason, you need to be sure that the trademark…

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