Brexit and Trademarks

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Brexit and Trade Marks  February 2020 Update As of 23:00 Friday 31st January 2020, nearly four years after the divisive referendum, the UK has formally left the European Union. For the remainder of 2020, the UK is now in what is known as the transition period, to allow the UK and EU to iron out…

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How will changes to the Trademark Act affect you?

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The new changes to the Trademark Act will allow some useful new options for businesses to protect their brands as well as enforce their intellectual property rights. The changes which businesses should be aware of include: Increased power against counterfeiters Previous to the changes, if a counterfeit product was imported into the EU, the onus…

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[UK] How Will Brexit Affect My EU Trademark?

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It has now passed the two-year mark since the decisive referendum where the UK public voted to leave the EU. With the official leaving date set as Friday 29th March 2019, and intellectual property rights low priority on the negotiating table, it is understandable that there is much confusion around existing Trademarks, and the future…

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[UK] Looking into non-traditional trademarks

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There is no worldwide set legal definition of a trademark but in the UK, the definition can be found in S.1(1) TMA 1994 which transposed the EU trademark directive into UK law. From the UK and EU definition of trademarks that there are three elements; it must be a sign, that is capable of being…

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[UK]How are trademarks around the world are obtained?

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Obtaining a trademark may seem like a complicated and drawn-out process. At BKIP, we aim to demystify the process and give you an insight into how a trademark is actually registered UK: To begin with, a trademark must be registered with the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office based in Newport. The logo, word or subject…

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