Explaining Trademark Opposition, Cancellation & Declaration

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The process of trademark registration may not be incessantly simple. First, you need to submit the information to the Trademark Office (through an agency); then Trademark Office will conduct the preliminary review; if the application passes the preliminary review, then it will enter into a three-month announcement publication period, or the opposition period: during this…

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Trademark Opposition and Declaration of Invalidation

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In the course of business of companies, they may face trademark opposition and trademark invalidation. So, what are the distinctions between trademark opposition and invalidation? What are their respective examination subjects and standards of examination? This article will provide comparisons to explain about the two major procedures of the trademark legal practice.   Legal basis…

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Transfer Your US Trademark

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Giving your US trademark to another The United States Patent Trademark Office provides that you can give your US trademark to another by way of an assignment. Therefore, transferring your trademark rights to another is possible. An assignment is the transfer of a trademark owners rights, title and interest in their trademark or service mark…

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Trademark Opposition Guide

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Trademark Opposition The underlying purpose of the procedure of trademark opposition is: to provide the public with an opportunity to dispute with the legality of the trademark registration. To put it simply, anyone, who doubts an approved trademark, is entitled to oppose to that particular trademark after trademark registration, to ensure the legitimacy and legality…

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[UK]How are trademarks around the world are obtained?

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Obtaining a trademark may seem like a complicated and drawn-out process. At BKIP, we aim to demystify the process and give you an insight into how a trademark is actually registered UK: To begin with, a trademark must be registered with the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office based in Newport. The logo, word or subject…

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[CN] How to determine whether the word marks are similar?

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To determine if two-word marks are similar, the Trademark Office has a complete set of censorship standards in regards to an existing trademark search. 1. Chinese work marks are of the same composition of Chinese characters. Only the font or design, phonetic transcription, and arrangement order are different. 2. Work marks consist of the same…

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[KR] How To Respond To KIPO If An Application is Rejected

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The Two Common Reasons For Rejection of an Application: 1) when the trademark is not distinctive 2) when the trademark is distinctive, but the cited mark is found before the application. When the application is rejected because of the first reason, you need to be sure that the trademark you are applying is indeed not…

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