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[UK]How are trademarks around the world are obtained?

International trademark

Obtaining a trade mark may seem like a complicated and drawn out process. At BKIP, we aim to de-mystify the process and give you an insight into how a trademark is actually registered UK: To begin with, a trademark must be registered with the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office based in Newport. The logo, word…

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[CN] How to determine whether the word marks are similar?

International Trademark search China

To determine if two word marks are similar, the Trademark Office has a complete set of censorship standards. 1. Chinese work marks are of the same composition of Chinese characters. Only the font or design, phonetic transcription, and arrangement order are different. 2. Work marks consist of the same foreign language, letters, or numbers, are…

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How to trademark Korea

There are many reasons for rejection of application, but the most two common reasons as follows: 1) when the trademark is not distinctive 2) when the trademark is distinctive, but cited mark is found before the application. When the application is rejected because of the first reason, you need to be sure that the trademark…

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