How will changes to the Trademark Act affect you?

bench brand trademark

The new changes to the Trademark Act will allow some useful new options for businesses to protect their brands as well as enforce their intellectual property rights. The changes which businesses should be aware of include: Increased power against counterfeiters Previous to the changes, if a counterfeit product was imported into the EU, the onus…

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[UK]How are trademarks around the world are obtained?

International trademark

Obtaining a trademark may seem like a complicated and drawn-out process. At BKIP, we aim to demystify the process and give you an insight into how a trademark is actually registered UK: To begin with, a trademark must be registered with the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office based in Newport. The logo, word or subject…

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[CN] Rejection of a trademark is not the end result!

Trademark registration China

The review of the trademark refusal is that after the trademark registrant submit an application for registering the trademark to the Trademark Office, and the Trademark Office refuse the application based on that the trademark does not meet the requirements of the Trademark Law, the registrant disagree with the reasons for the refusal and the…

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[CN] Trademarks rejected for “lack of distinctiveness”

How to trademark China

In examining the trademark application, except similarity, “lack of distinctiveness” of the trademark is one of the reasons for the rejection of the trademark. The distinctive feature of a trademark is the feature that the trademark should possess so that the relevant public can distinguish the source of the product. Judging whether or not a…

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[CN] How to determine whether the word marks are similar?

International Trademark search China

To determine if two-word marks are similar, the Trademark Office has a complete set of censorship standards in regards to an existing trademark search. 1. Chinese work marks are of the same composition of Chinese characters. Only the font or design, phonetic transcription, and arrangement order are different. 2. Work marks consist of the same…

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[KR] How To Respond To KIPO If An Application is Rejected

How to trademark Korea

The Two Common Reasons For Rejection of an Application: 1) when the trademark is not distinctive 2) when the trademark is distinctive, but the cited mark is found before the application. When the application is rejected because of the first reason, you need to be sure that the trademark you are applying is indeed not…

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[TW] What else to do after trademark registration?

Trademark Search

After the successful registration of a trademark, the neglect of management and maintenance may result in the loss of the exclusive right to use the trademark; therefore, the maintenance of the registered trademark is very important for the enterprise. Maintenance of your Trademark: 1. Trademark owners need to change In the event of trademark transfer,…

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[TW] Receiving a trademark opposition statement?

register trademark Taiwan

When our meticulous trademark application was approved by the Intellectual Property Office, but we receive an official letter shortly after we received the certificate, informing us that the trademark has been challenged by others, and we are requested to reply within a specified period. At such a moment, we would feel very helpless. According to…

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[TW] Reason for dismissal prior notice processing policy

Trademark office

When we receive the notice of refusal, we can first look at whether the quoted trademark provided by the Commissioner is similar to the trademark registration we applied for, and can be used to determine the appearance, sound and trademark significance of the trademark, that is, the so-called “form, pronunciation and meaning”. Respond to: The…

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