Conducting a Trademark Search

A trademark is an essential aspect of a commercial company especially if they provide a product or services to their customer with their name and brand attached to the quality of the product. The importance of conducting a trademark search is a crucial component of trademark ownership. However, BKIP has noticed that many businesses do not regularly carry out a routine trademark search which could have detrimental effects on a business if it is continuously left unchecked. Therefore, BKIP know it is of utmost importance for a business to fully understand the integral context of a trademark search and how if maintained a trademark search and registration can improve the protection of your intellectual property and brand.

Online Trademark Search

The Importance of a Regular Trademark Search

There are different stages throughout the trademark registration process and the term of your trademark where a trademark search will be particularly beneficial. Firstly, the initial time any business would have to conduct a trademark search is during the preliminary search prior to the registration of your new trademark. BKIP understand the importance of the first preliminary trademark search as this search will crawl numerous databases to discover if there are any pre-registered marks significantly like your own which may lead to the refusal of your mark’s registration.

Conducting a Trademark Search

What is a Trademark Search?

A trademark search is a vast and more complex area of trademark law than most business’s first imagine. When conducting a trademark search you are not restricted and limited to using only relevant keywords or search terms. Conducting a trademark search gives you the opportunity to a trademark search by the trademark owner, image or number with the additional options to conduct a trademark search via territory or on an international scale.

When a trademark search enquiry is put forward to BKIP our trademark search team will be looking into numerous databases instantaneously and will not only searching for the existence and current use of registered trademarks, but a trademark search will also reveal the result returned for unregistered brands.

BKIP’s Trademark Search

Our expert trademark search and international registration team know the importance of a trademark and recommend that after this initial search intermittent search and maintained and regular schedule. This is so your business and brand can view any possible infringements or similar products that may be a threat to your brand. Failure to maintain and schedule a regular trademark search could result in a detrimental effect to your trademark, for example, the inability to protect your mark as a registered trademark or may lead to the diminution of your brand’s overall success.

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