International Trademark Registration

A common misconception when looking into international trademark registration is that there is worldwide trademark protection, which is unfortunately not the case. Costs can soon build up with international trademark application and registration in multiple countries, so it is important at first to consider the main countries that you need protection in and conduct an in-depth trademark search. There are therefore two ways you can proceed with gaining Worldwide trademark protection for your brand.

UK and International Trademark Registration

The first is to register directly in each country you require international trademark registration in. The second is known as the “Madrid System” which uses your “home” trademark application for whichever country you are based in, and effectively this is sent to any country party to the Madrid agreement that you require trademark protection in. Both worldwide trademark protection services have their benefits and negatives, so get into contact with BKIP today to discuss the best method for your business.

Global Trademark Registration

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Our International Trademark Registration Offices

Our global network of offices was set up with the aim of cutting out agents and using our own employees, which allows us to offer some of the lowest international trademark registration fees for countries around the world. With that crucial local knowledge of specific countries trademark law and worldwide trademark protection, BKIP is not only one of the lowest-priced firms for international trademark registration, but also the most capable. BKIP can register a trademark in almost any country around the world which has a trademark system.


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Via our local offices with English speaking staff, a UK trademark registration service with BKIP offers translation assistance to get that perfect international trademark registration in the local language at no additional cost. From the USA to South Korea, our offices cover most of the world making it simpler to protect an overseas trademark.

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