UK Trademark Application and Registration Process

There is no better way of effectively protecting the reputation and exclusivity of your brand, name and intellectual property than registering for aUK or international trademark application. BKIP’s team of proficient trademark attorneys understand the strength of a trademark and the protection it can give your name, brand or work against opposition and competition in the market. However, not many people understand the ins and out of processing a successful trademark application. With a BKIP trademark specialist working alongside you we can breakdown the technical data and vocabulary for all to understand; be it a small start-up company or international retailer we accommodate for all. With the help of BKIP’s experienced attorney team, you can be confident that we will inform you of the best strategy to take to ensure that your trademark application has the best possible chance of being accepted.

The Trademark application process
Trademark Application Process

Steps to Take Before Submitting a Trademark Application

The first step to take before beginning your application is to conduct a preliminary search of the name or phrase you are looking to trademark. This is an essential stage in the registration process and an in-depth, meticulous trademark search should be administered otherwise this trademark application could end up being a costly failure and be rejected.

BKIP provide a free trademark search service available searching for wordmarks and trademarks that have been noted to be like that present in the name or phrase you are looking to register. We will create a comprehensive detailed report highlighting these similarities already registered across the world. Our expert team of attorneys here at BKIP will then advise you with any amendments that can be done or are needed to the proposed trademark to achieve a successful trademark registration application.

The Application Process

There are numerous protocol and processing stages your trademark application has to go for before you can receive confirmation that you now own a fully registered trademark in your specific territory. These different stages are mandatory for every application before it can be granted and accepted. Usually, the registration process takes between 4-6 months and we will be sure to keep you up to date tracking the progression of your trademark application. We look to make the process as straightforward and efficient as possible for all of our clients so feel free to contact our specialist team for any advice or general information about the advancement of your trademark application and registration.

The Steps Included in The Trademark Application Process

  • 1. File the trademark application

    This the initial stage of the application process where we require all the related information about your trademark. These are details such as:

    • A copy of your trademark (the phrase you are looking to register or image)
    • The applicant name, address and all other relevant details required
    • A list of the goods or services the trademark is being used or will be used for in the future
  • 2. Official search report and examination for your trademark

    Now your trademark application will be fully examined in grave detail. This includes an investigation into the trademark to show and outline registered marks that are considered to be similar or close to the one you are currently looking at registering. It will also be examined to see if it includes a specially protected emblem such as the royal arms.

  • 3. Approval and publication

    Now the examination stage is complete and given the all-clear, your application will be published in the online trademark journal in preparation for the next stage.

  • 4. Two Month opposition period

    The next stage is the opposition period. This two month period allows any third parties to file an opposition. A third party company will file an opposition if they believe that there has been a clear breach and meets one of the listed grounds of opposition.

  • 5. Certificate of registration issued by UK IPO

    After publication and opposition period you will be issued with a certificate of registration by the UK IPO. Now your trademark application is registered you may use the ® symbol indicating that this trademark is registered.

  • 6. Foreign filing

    Finally, and official filing receipt will be issued to the applicant confirming the filing date, the approval of the trademark, the goods/services applied for and an allocated trademark application number.

The Trademark application process

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