Trademark Registration

From our very inception, BKIP’s goal has been to offer high-quality intellectual property services for UK and EU trademark registration, at a price that every business will be able to afford. Extending this remit into the UK, our Birmingham office offers some of the lowest trademark registration fees for UK and EU applications, leaving you to spend your money on more pressing business matters.

UK & EU Trademark Registration

Before you spend any money on a trademark it is recommended that you do a UK and EU trademark search, we will advise you on the likelihood of success of your trademark, so you know if that trademark is worth pursuing. BKIP also offers free advice on overall trademark strategies and helps you to think about trademarks in both a legal and marketing perspective.

Trademark Registration

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Trademark Registration Process

Finally, a crucial aspect of trademark registration is securing protection in the right classifications. Unlike many firms who will have hidden costs by increasing their registration fees per classification, BKIP’s registration fees for both UK and EU trademark registration remain the same regardless of how many classifications you need, so you can trust there is no vested interest in our advice to you.


The UK and EU trademark application process is both very similar and takes from start to finish around 4-5 months to have your trademark confirmed, after which your protection will last for an initial 10 years before it will need to be renewed.


An EU trademark will offer you protection in all current 28 members of the European Union. Alternatively, BKIP can file a trademark in individual European countries that you need protection in.


For a detailed quote on a UK or EU trademark registration, please get in contact with us or if you have any queries about any other service, we provide such as trademark prices and EU trademark search contact us easily today.

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