Trademark Renewal Service

The very first trademark registered in the UK was the Bass Brewery’s red triangle, registered in 1876, which is still in force today, showing there is no limit to how long a trademark can be in force. If you continue using a trademark renewal service your trademark can be protected for as long as you require the need for it and you can be ensured of its safety and the protection of your intellectual property.

Our Trademark Renewal Process

In most countries, after initial registration, a trademark will last for an initial period of around ten years before a trademark renewal will be due. If your trademark isn’t renewal isn't processed at this point, your trademark will expire, which could potentially allow a competitor to then claim your old trademark, and you could lose that ten years of brand building. Not only that, in most countries, trademark renewal will cost less money than having to pay to re-register your trademark again from the beginning.

Trademark Renewal

How To File Your Trademark Renewal

While there are slight differences between certain countries, the trademark renewal process is similar in most countries with the same documentation requirements and procedures for the renewal services to take place. The first step to file your renewal is to make sure you have a renewal document. This document can differ depending on the countries and territories requiring the trademark renewal service, therefore, will have to be requested from your specific application office.

Next, the applicant may also be asked for more information about there trademark in order to complete the renewal form. This often includes the trademark number, the owner of the trademark’s details and the Nice classes. If the trademark renewal you are applying for is in the UK a supporting fee document will also be required and you should check if this is the case also depending on the region the renewal takes place. All territories, although the trademark renewal service is similar, will have a difference in renewal fees and these can vary extensively between different regions.

BKIP's Quick & Easy Trademark Renewal Service

If your trademark is in need of renewal notify BKIP, if your trademark anywhere in the world is nearing expiration we will take care of the rest with our trademark renewal service. If your trademark was registered through BKIP, we will automatically warn you that your trademark is about to expire, and start the trademark renewal procedure, giving you that peace of mind. However, if your trademark was not registered through BKIP, we still offer our trademark renewal service. 

If your trademark renewal is due or close to expiring contact us today on 0121 389 4074 or fill out our online contact form below. 

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