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A trademark search is highly recommended before registering a trademark, as it is crucial to ascertain if there are any similar trademarks which may present difficulties and prevent a smooth registration.

A UK & EU trademark search may potentially save you the expense of trying to register a trademark that may not succeed due to an existing party holding rights.

UK & EU Trademark Search

Our free initial EU & UK trademark search for wordmarks will compile a comprehensive report on any similar trademarks and if any amendments are needed to the prospective trademark. We will also advise on the legal viability of registering your trademark and give you a percentage of likelihood we believe your trademark has of success before you spend any money.

This free service UK & EU trademark search service also extends to business looking to protect the intellectually property overseas.  Holding International offices across all continents, BKIP can caterer for businesses with local and worldwide clients.

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BKIP's UK & EU Trademark Search Service

Once your trademark has been successfully filed, BKIP will conduct a frequent detailed search of the trademark journal to ensure that no other brand is attempting to apply for a trademark like yours and infringe upon your rights. This is available to every client who has taken out a trademark within the UK or EU through BKIP and is offered at no extra cost. If we identify any potential infringement, we will automatically send you a report on the infringing party and if needed assist with filing opposition. 

For a more detailed report to give you peace of mind, our proactive watching service will look at worldwide trademark search and advise you if a similar or identical trademark to yours has been registered around the world. 

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International Trademark Search Offices

Options can be tailored for English speaking countries, Chinese speaking countries, worldwide (150+ countries included) or monitoring of popular e-commerce sites so you know if anyone is passing off as you without a trademark.

For more information or to get in contact with us regarding trademark search for your trademark, call us on 0121 389 4074 or fill out our online contact form below.

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