Trademark Services

Since its inception in 1996, BKIP has been committed to proving that top quality legal trademark services that don't need to break the bank. BKIP provide worldwide trademark registration services to secure your trademark in any country required and with offices and employees all around the world, BKIP doesn't need to outsource its trademark services to agents, cutting out the middleman and passing the savings directly onto you.

Our trademark services are designed to be a one-stop-shop for all aspects in securing and maintaining your trademark.

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Trademark Services

Trademark Registration Service

Local Trademark Registration

From our very inception, BKIP’s goal has been to offer UK trademark registration services and high-quality legal services, at a price that every business will be able to afford. Extending this remit into the UK, our Birmingham office offers some of the lowest trademark services and registration fees for UK and EU applications, leaving you to spend your money on more pressing business matters.

Overseas Trademark Registration

Our global network of offices was set up with the aim of cutting out agents, and using our own employees, allowing us to offer some of the lowest registration fees for countries around the world. With that crucial local knowledge of specific countries trademark law, BKIP is not only one of the lowest priced firms for international trademark registration and trademark services but also the most competent. BKIP have the capability with our Worldwide trademark services to register a trademark in almost any country around the world which has a trademark system. For more detailed pricing, click HERE

Local Renewal

After spending up to ten years building your brand and its reputation, it becomes crucial that your brand still receives the protection it deserves once the initial registration has expired. If we have registered your trademark with our trademark services, we will automatically send you a warning when your trademark is set to expire, and we can then seamlessly start the trademark renewal process with your U.K, EU or worldwide trademark. Protect your brand and what you have built with our trademark renewal and international trademark services

Trademark Services

Free UK Search & Worldwide Trademark Search

A trademark search is highly recommended when registering a trademark, as it is crucial to ascertain if there are any similar trademarks which may present difficulties and prevent a smooth registration. Using crucial trademark services such as a search may potentially save you the expense of trying to register a trademark that may not succeed due to an existing party holding rights. Our free detailed worldwide trademark registration service will search for wordmarks and will compile a comprehensive report on any similar trademarks and if any amendments are needed to the prospective trademark.

Once your trademark has been successfully filed, BKIP trademark services will conduct a detailed weekly search of the trademark journal to ensure that no other brand is attempting to apply for a trademark similar to yours and infringe upon your rights. If we identify any potential infringement, we will automatically send you a report on the infringing party and if needed assist with filing an opposition. Monthly fees are £65, or for a year this trademark service will be £670.

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