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Trademarks are very valuable logos, symbols or phrases that business’s uses to identify and distinguish their products or services from there competition or duplicates trying to copy your intellectual property. BKIP understands that your intellectual property, goods and services are essential to your business so look to provide you with a fully comprehensive UK trademark search and trademark protection.

BKIP’s UK Trademark Search Service

We have built a global network with crucial local knowledge of specific countries trademark law and worldwide trademark protection so you can be confident that when conducting our UK trademark search that our advice is coming from a reliable and trusted source. BKIP offer a free initial UK trademark search corresponding to existing watermarks. Our specialist UK trademark search team will comprise a rigorous report highlighting any trademarks that are like the one you are looking to register. During this UK trademark search, we will guide you with any amendments we believe are needed to the prospective trademark to ensure a smooth registration and protection of your assets and intellectual property.

In addition to the UK trademark search, BKIP will reinforce your trademark protection in the future also. Once the initial UK trademark search is complete and you have successfully registered your trademark for your business BKIP do not stop there. We will conduct frequent in-depth UK trademark search of all our trademark records and journals. This is to see that no other company is attempting to apply for a trademark like the one that is registered to yourself stopping and infringement upon your rights.

UK Trademark Search
UK Trademark Registration Services

UK Trademark Search

The first step for any establishing company who needs to protect their assets with a trademark is to ensure via a meticulous UK trademark search that the trademark you are looking to register isn’t registered to another company. If you find during you UK trademark search that a business using an image or phrase registered as there trademark it would be advised to try, select a different trademark that you find during your UK trademark search that is not already registered. By conducting this UK trademark search at BKIP you can build a strong individual brand and avoid the risk of trademark infringement which can be a very costly affair for any business.

BKIP provide expert UK trademark search services with our specialist team having the knowledge to advise and guide you on the likelihood of success for your UK trademark search. BKIP also offers free advice on overall trademark strategies and helps you to think about trademarks in both a legal and marketing perspective.

International and UK Trademark Search

Options can be tailored for English speaking countries, Chinese speaking countries, worldwide (150+ countries included) or monitoring of popular e-commerce sites so you know if anyone is passing off as you without a trademark.

For a detailed quote on an EU or UK trademark search, please get in contact with us  if you have any queries about any other service, we provide such as trademark prices and registration get in contact or fill out our online contact form below.

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